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Guides and Leaflets

How to Plant and Care for a Tree

Whether you want to plant a tree for someone special, are a school or group or want to join friends and neighbours to plant just join in – it’s easy to do and the Greenwood team can help you get started:
  • Give advice
  • Give grants
  • Tell you when and where tree-planting events are taking place

Download our How to plant a tree leaflet

Discover The Southwell Trail

A new booklet featuring maps, trails and walks as well as useful information about the Southwell Trail Download it here

Park Life Education Packs

Please note these packs are for information only - changes may have been made to footpaths on the orienteering trails

The free physical activity packs are available to enable everyone to get out onto their local green space and become more physically active – just by using equipment at the park that is already on hand. Benches, trim trails, steps and post can all be used to exercise and to help increase activity rates on a general walk around the park.

The packs, which show links to the curriculum, include walking, cycling and exercise activities and the Greenwood Partnership has also worked closely with Nottinghamshire Orienteering, to provide orienteering activities that are also included in the pack. Aimed at schools, the packs have also been designed with local communities in mind and can be used by anyone visiting the parks.

Lesson in a Box

Please contact us about supplying equipment needed to complete activities as this may no longer be held by the person indicated in the packs

Lesson in a Box provides all the equipment, activity sheets, Curriculum links and health & safety guidelines teachers need to lead a visit to woodlands in the Greenwood Community Forest. Current sites include:

Greenwood Community Woodland Handbook

Please note: Whilst general information in this guide is still relevant, contact details and policies may have changed
 The Greenwood Community Woodland Handbook is packed with information for groups who are, or want to be involved in woodlands and green space. Tips include finding resources, setting up a group and ideas for involving the whole community.

Greenwood Volunteering Directory

The Greenwood Volunteering Directory has environmental volunteering opportunities with Friends groups, Walking For Health groups and organisations within Greenwood.

Greenwood Good Practice Guide

The Greenwood Good Practice Guide highlights innovative projects that have led to the development of the Greenwood Community Forest. These examples illustrate the range of social, economic and environmental projects that reflect the multi-purpose role of Greenwood in local and regional development.


Annual Reports

We've produced reports outlining Greenwood's achievements. Click on the links below to read about how we have worked with each local authority

Park Life Report - The Final Year

Getting Active in Greenwood Community Forest. The final year reports on achievements made through the Park Life project. The report also contains information about the projects overall aims, funding bodies, key partners and Park Life activity sites.

Press Releases

Here you will find useful news and information about the Greenwood Community Forest Partnership including press releases, articles and Notes to the Editor. All material in the attached documents can be used freely for publication. If you need any further information, please contact the team.